Case Study


Client ExpatEZ
Year 2017
Disciplines Service Design, User Experience


ExpatEZ is the modern, all-in-one solution for business professionals and their families relocating from the UK to China. ExpatEZ provides exceptional customer services delivered through a simple, safe, and stress-free user experience that can be managed effortlessly, all through an app available on any smartphone.


ExpatEZ was a result of the 2017 UXathon collaborattion between Loughborough Design School, Deloitte Digital, and HKU MBA Business Lab. The brief our team was given by the HKU MBA students detailed that expatriation can be one of life's most onerous experiences due to time constraints, lack of professional support, and the physical and psychological stress that comes from relocating to a foreign country. ExpatEZ was set up to to offer smooth and hassle-free consulting and counseling services to expatriates in order the make their transition a pleasant one.


Our team began by studying the target demographic research provided to us by the HKU MBA students which we used to generate personas. We later created a several user journey maps to help us uncover the various touch points and pain points that expatriates go through. With the pain points identified we were able to create opportunity statements and apply them to improved journey maps that included the proposed service design journeys. When our user flows were finalized we determined the best way to empower these busy professionals was to help them manage their relocation at the tap of a button through a mobile app. We then began wire framing our flows before moving on to creating a click-through prototype for our promised deliverable.

04Goals and Challenges

Our task was to design the interface that would enable the entire service. Our goal was to make the experience as simple and smooth as possible to manage. We found that because of time restraints we needed to present information to the users in a way that they could quickly see pending tasks, notifications, and all other communications from ExpatEZ.


Our presentation and prototype for ExpatEZ won the best in show award for Best User Experience overall. This was made possible by our app's dashboard which offers an overview so users can see the status of their services at a glance. Our app also takes advantage of modern chat support technologies to streamline any additional communication that might need to happen between users and ExpatEZ.